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Who is the lamb and who is the knife?

(( Little Alice Rosalyn Kirkland. No particular motive for this. She was a shy little thing but she was probably a top-notch make-believer. She probably made a few kids cry, too.))

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Arthur: For the last time, Alice Rosalyn Kirkland, we have to ensure the neighbors that we are normal human beings, no matter controversial that may seem.

Alice: Why didn’t you force Peter to come?

Arthur: Do you think I’d trust that boy anywhere near easily accessible explosives?

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Amelia: Spendin’ time with family :)

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So, my girlfriend and I did cosplays inspired by your blog as Alice and Amelia! We even got our Arthur and Alfred to play the “dads!” 

If you want to see more they’re here

(( We love your blog so much we wanted to do cosplays of it. >3< ))

((mun: Gorgeous!!!! Ahhhh!!))

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So, Alice, since Amelia is "off to bed", how about you? How was the kiss for you? Would you do that again? Maybe Amelia still needs some "training" ;)

Alice: Oh, she’s fine. I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into her. 

She did just fine. However, she did have a problem with sitting still and bursting into a fit of giggles like a complete lunatic. At least from what I remember.

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but was it like good tho? like 1 to 10 scale would you do it again?? these are very prestigious questions


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yeah, but i'm sure you didn't use tongue with your family.

Amelia: sHE DIDN’t EVEN  YOU  GUY S. 

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does that mean alice was your first kiss? ;)

Amelia: No. I have kissed my family hundreds of times so no she was not my first kiss technically.  ;)

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Amelia:  You guys are the worst. OMG.  It’s not even tha-  gAH. It was STUPID STACY CARMICHAEL’S FAULt in the tenth grade trying to hook me up with this dude I had bio class with for the school’s homecoming party and I didn’t now how to, like, kiss or nothin’ so, of COURSE, My STUPID 15 year old self  was like “SHUCKY DARN, ALICE, BEST BUDDY, HELP OUT MAYBE? IT’LL BE FUN, HAHA.”

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